Saturday, January 30, 2010

Those who workout in glass houses should fog the windows...

... That is what I was thinking while working out the hotel gym in Barcelona Spain this week. Hotel gyms are usually bad and this was no exception. There was a two treadmills (one was broken), two bikes and an elipitical. There was a few dumbells, all under 25 lbs. The gym was on the outside of the hotel and had glass walls on the front of the room. I made it my mission to fog them up during my cardio workouts. Yesterday, a women asked me if would be ok to leave the door open. She needed to cool off. No foggy windows for that workout but I have to say she was really sweet (english accent) and a killer body. Gave me a little extra motivation!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A little surprise..

Yes! I stepped on the scale this morning, knowing that I would report in on the 5% challenge and I found that I had lost 7 pounds. I was a little shocked and pleased at the same time. I don't expect to keep this weight loss up. I know it won't happen and if it does than it wouldn't be healthy but this is does, in a small way, validate the TNT diet/workout plan.

When I started out a couple of challenges ago, I thought just doing a challenge would motivate me and help me get to where I want to be (didn't fully work). With the next challenge, I thought a blog would help but with the holidays I sabotaged my eating. This time, I am going with a working plan, taking before pictures and staying far away from the goodie table at work. The table was full of cookies and candy that were left over from the holidays.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new start

I am into my first week using the TNT program. I am looking forward to reaping some of the rewards (weight loss, better health). My beginning weight was 217 lbs. I am looking to lose 11 lbs or %5 of my total weight. I can say after just a few days that I am feeling really good. I was a little weak on Tuesday night but I have read that things get easier with any program after the fourth day, I am now into my fourth day. I have done two 52 day challenges and have had some success but I am looking to really have a good year with the TNT program. As I have said before I am looking to be a "beach" guy not a "big" guy....